Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller
Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller
Brand: Pioneer
Product Code: Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller
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Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller

Bus-powered 4-deck Digital DJ Controller with 2-channel Mixer, 4-channel USB Audio Interface, and Serato DJ Software

Pioneer DDJ-SR 4-deck Serato DJ Controller

Total Serato DJ Control for Mobile DJs!

The Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SR digital DJ controller distills the key features of their popular DDJ-SX into a smaller bus-powered controller you'll enjoy gigging out with. Like its big brother, the DDJ-SR was designed for total integration with Serato DJ, providing you with intuitive hands-on control over every important software function. In addition to a full-fledged 2-channel mixer section and extensive EQ and effects controls, you get two sets of large rubber pads and two BIG JOG platters to manipulate tracks, samples, effects, cues, and more in real-time. And to top it off, there's a complete USB sound card onboard the Pioneer Pro DDJ-SR DJ controller.

Lighter, smaller, and totally portable way to DJ

The DDJ-SR 4-deck DJ controller offers nearly every control found on Pioneer Pro's full-sized DDJ-SX, but with a 2-channel mixer section and a significantly reduced footprint. That makes the DDJ-SR ideal for mobile rigs or smaller studio spaces. It's also fully USB bus powered, even though there's a 4-channel audio interface onboard. So when you're ready for your next show, all you need is a laptop, some tunes, and a DDJ-SR.

Perfect pads and platters for serious controllerists

For starters, Pioneer Pro gave their DDJ-SR controller the same BIG JOG aluminum platters that you'll find on their flagship model, which feel great and provide you with backlit indicators for greater scratching precision. The DDJ-SR's performance pads are playable like drum pads, but serve multiple functions, allowing you to trigger samples expressively, but also to access effects, set loops, fire off hot cues, slice beats, and much more. The DDJ-SR's Pad Plus function even lets you engage multiple effects from a single pad, sync hot cues and samples to the beat, and create other sophisticated performance elements.

Bundled with a full version of Serato DJ software

Thanks to the included Serato DJ software, Pioneer Pro's DDJ-SR is a lot more than just a DJ controller, it's a complete system. Not only does this 4-deck software come with a host of iZotope powered effects and powerful DJing functions, everything important's already mapped right out to your controller. That means you can order a DDJ-SR today, and as soon as you get it, you'll be ready to go without spending days mapping everything out.

Pioneer Pro DDJ-SR Digital DJ Controller and Features at a Glance:

  • Lighter, smaller, and totally portable way to DJ
  • Perfect pads and platters for serious controllerists
  • Bundled with a full version of Serato DJ software
  • Everything you need to turn your laptop into a mobile DJ rig
  • Engineered for total control over Serato DJ (included) but compatible with nearly any DJ software
  • 2-channel mixer layout saves space while still making it easy to control 4 decks
  • Large, backlit BIG JOG wheels let you scratch and pull off other turntablist tricks
  • Each deck control section includes 8 large rubber performance pads for triggering samples, firing off hot cues, and executing effects functions
  • Pad Plus function lets you trigger multiple effects with one button and automatically sync samples and hot cues to the beat
  • Beat Indictor provides you with a visual representation of the beat
  • 4-channel audio interface (sound card) provides high-quality audio in and out of your computer
  • Includes the latest version of Serato DJ software for Mac/PC