Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer + Free Bag

Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer + Free Bag
Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer + Free Bag Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer + Free Bag
Brand: Yamaha
Product Code: Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer
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Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76 Key Music Production Synthesizer + Free Bag

Yamaha MOTIF XF7

 boasts plenty of instrument Voices that contains piano, EPs, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, drums, and a wide variety of vintage and modern synth sounds as well. Of special note are the detailed digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos (a 9' CFIII and a 7' S6) that only an acoustic piano manufacturer could achieve. The reproduction in minute detail of even very subtle nuances results in exquisitely crafted piano Voices that will satisfy even the most demanding players.


On the MOTIF XF7, the 741MB of internal Wave ROM contains incredibly realistic pianos and acoustic instruments, vintage synths and the hip hop sounds that all of today's top producers are using. A sophisticated 8-element synth architecture with XSpanded articulation and 18 different filter types let you shape your sound anyway you want, and the 8 front panel knobs and sliders make it easy to do even in real time.

Yamaha MOTIF XF7 has 1664 Voices and 97 Drum Kits that put more sounds at your fingertips than ever before, and the Category Search function makes it easy to find the sounds you need fast.



  • 76 key FSX keyboard with initial and aftertouch
  • 128 note polyphony
  • Comprehensive high sound quality, including an enormous 741MB of waveforms
  • An additional 128 Voices and 8 drum kits, for a total of 1,353 high-quality Voices
  • Up to 2GB of additional content available through separately sold flash memory
  • Realization of unique instrument performance methods through the XA (Expanded Articulation) tone generation system
  • Reproduction of the unique, natural, warm sounds of vintage instruments through VCM effects
  • 384 types of performances based on approximately 7800 types of arpeggiators
  • Enhanced sampling through 128MB of onboard SD-RAM
  • The popular FSX keyboard
  • Improvement of usability thanks to the use of a new GUI
  • Category Search feature that provides instant access to the Voices you want
  • Cubase AI -- a DAW software application from Steinberg
  • DAW integration through remote control, an editor software
  • Scalability through standard-equipped USB and Ethernet and the FW16E optio

Number of Keys: 76
Type: FSX Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)

Tone Generator
AWM2, with Expanded Articulation

Maximum Polyphony
128 notes

Multi Timbral Capacity
16 Parts (internal), Audio Input Parts (A/D, FW*) *1 stereo Part

741 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 3,977 waveforms

Preset: 1,024 Normal Voices + 64 Drum Kits
GM: 128 Normal Voices + 1 Drum Kit
User: 128 x 4 (Bank 1: original, Bank 2 – 4: selected and copied from Preset bank) + 32 Drum Kits (No. 1 – 8: original, No. 9 – 32: selected and copied from Preset bank)

User: 128 x 4 (up to 4 Parts)

18 types

Effect System
Reverb x 9 types, Chorus x 22 types, Insertion (A, B) x 53 types x 8 Parts (up to 16 units), Vocoder x 1 (uses both Insertion Effect A and B blocks), Master Effect x 9 types (Preset settings for parameters of each effect type are provided as templates; total 320) Master EQ (5 bands), Part EQ (3 bands, stereo)

Up to 128 Waveforms (Multi Samples) Up to 256 Key Banks per Waveform Up to 512 Key Banks

Sampling Sources
Analog input L/R, Stereo output (Resampling) FW (available when the FW16E has been installed)

A/D Conversion
24-bit, 64x oversampling

D/A Conversion
24-bit,128x oversampling

Sample Data Bits

Sampling Frequency
44.1kHz, 22.05kHz, 11.025kHz, 5.5125kHz (Stereo/Mono) Sampling Frequency via FW (when the FW16E has been installed): 44.1kHz (fixed)
Sampling Memory Internal SDRAM: 128M

Sample Length
Mono: 32 MB Stereo: 64 MB

Sampling Time
44.1kHz: 6 min. 20 sec. 22.05kHz: 12 min. 40 sec. 11.025kHz: 25 min. 20 sec. 5.0125kHz: 55 min. 40 sec. *Mono/Stereo

Sample Format
Original format, WAV, AIFF

Note Capacity
Approx. 130,000 notes

Note Resolution
480 ppq (parts per quarter note)

Maximum Polyphony
124 notes

Tempo (BPM)
5 – 300

Song recording type
Real time replace Real time overdub (with the exception of the Pattern Chain) Real time punch in/out (Song only)

Song tracks
Pattern: 16 Phrase tracks Pattern Chain: Pattern track, Tempo track, Scene track Song: 16 sequence tracks (Loop on/off can be set for each track), Tempo track, Scene track

64 Songs Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Song and up to 256 Voices for all Songs Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns

64 Patterns (x 16 sections), Measures: 256 maximum Mixing Voices: 16 Voices per Pattern and up to 256 Voices for all Patterns Mixing Templates: 32 for all Songs and Patterns

User Phrases: 256 per Pattern

Preset: 7,881 types User: 256 types *MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set.

Scene Memory
5 per Song

Sequence formats
Original format, SMF format 0, 1 (Format 1 load only)

Width:1,252 mm (49-1/4")
Height: 122 mm (4-3/4")
Depth: 391 mm (15-3/8")

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